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Facial Therapies at Our Spa Near Palm Desert, CA

Skin Care at Sage

Sage skin care rituals are designed to rejuvenate your skin and return it to its natural, radiant state. Browse our menu of services, which work with exfoliation and hydration therapies to achieve a glowing, fresher appearance. Guests who book treatments at our luxury spa near Palm Desert, CA also enjoy full access to our relaxing Jacuzzi tubs, cold plunge, sauna and steam rooms. 

Please call 1-877-SPA-SAGE, to book Sage facials.


For essential maintenance of healthy skin, this relaxing express facial is designed to deliver care and hydration with gentle exfoliation and moisturizing.
25 Minutes: $85 – Monday-Friday, $100 – Saturday-Sunday

Traditional European Spa Facial

Experience one of the most complete and personalized treatments at Sage. Professional products are specifically chosen for your skin type, drenched in wonderful active ingredients like jojoba granules to exfoliate, aloe vera to soothe and geranium and sage to bring back a natural balance and glow to the skin. Treatment includes deep cleanse, steam, relaxing face and neck and massage and custom mask.
50 Minutes: $135 – Monday-Friday, $160 – Saturday-Sunday

Men's Fitness Facial

Especially designed and formulated for Gentleman’s skin, enjoy a full traditional facial followed by a professional mask rich in Escutox, an ingredient that firms and tones the skin, and Lavender and chamomile that soothe and prevent razor burn and sensitivities. Also includes full face and neck massage.
50 Minutes: $135 – Monday-Friday, $160 – Saturday-Sunday

Sage Floral Peel

Resuscitate and capture a long-lasting new glow. This luxurious cleansing and rejuvenating facial with our unique combination of Glycolic, Salicylic, and Hibiscus flower acids, gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth, firm and even toned. Surface cells vanish small lines and wrinkles and reduced and softened, your skin is like satin.
50 minutes: $155 – Monday-Friday, $185 – Saturday-Sunday

Botanical Aroma Facial

This unique treatment provides deep hydration, a vibrant glow, and de-stresses your mind. An ampoule rich in nourishing vitamins, extracts of olives and fragranced with mandarin is massaged into the skin, followed by a lavender thermal mask to seal in all ingredients and beautify the skin. Includes full traditional spa facial.
50 Minutes: $135 – Monday-Friday, $160 – Saturday-Sunday

Orange Blossom Luminous C Facial

A remarkable treatment with a potency of 25% pure vitamin C is designed to refine, smooth, reduce fine lines and restore a radiant complexion. After enjoying a complete traditional facial an ampoule is applied, the treatment is followed by a peel off vitamin C mask. Results are instant.
50 Minutes: $135 – Monday-Friday, $160 – Saturday-Sunday

The Sage Signature Ultimate Un-Wrinkle Facial

This age defying treatment combines Alpha Hydroxy acids and peptides while boosting elastin and collagen and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Years are erased in 50 Minutes. Ask about a collagen mask upgrade. Inquire for price.

Sage Glow Oxygenating Facial

Come up for air! The skin needs oxygen, the source of life, and this oxygenating treatment does that with a potent radiance boosting complex of oxygen combined with effective brighteners and anti-oxidants. Enhance and maintain the overall health of skin and fall in love with your new glowing skin, refreshed and revived in 50 minutes. Inquire for price.

Clear Oasis Acne Facial

This exfoliating non-chemical enzyme treatment is the central phase of the clinical facial treatment. This wonderful peel helps dissolve dead skin and softens impactions in the follicle, making extraction easier. Good for oily and combination skin types and any acne condition. Treatment is 50 minutes. Inquire for price.


Lip Contour Treatments

A truly unique treatment based on Retinol, this service uses the latest technology in ingredients to smoothe and beautify the lip contour. Azaleic acid to lighten, Shea-Butter and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate, and Collagen and Elastin to rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles, are each effective in delivering visible results. This makes a great “add-on” to any facial.

Cost: $25

De-Stress Eye Treatment for Wrinkles

A must for aging clients, an ampoule containing 100% pure Marine Collagen is applied to the eye contour that visibly diminishes and smoothes fine lines and crows-feet, and instantly hydrates,firms, and repairs. This makes a great “add-on” to any facial.

Cost: $25

De-Stress Eye Treatment for Puffiness

A perfect eye treatment for tired eyes, this service molds sheets containing Ginko Bilboa calm and soothe away puffiness. Strongly recommended for travelers, allergy-prone, fatigued eyes.

Cost: $25

*To achieve maximum results in eye treatments, we strongly recommend combining both treatments.

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