A Pacific Coast Steak and Seafood Restaurant that celebrates a distinctly comfortable, Californian approach to fine dining. Each dish, inspired by traditional steak and seafood fare, showcases the fresh flavors of California’s farm produce and presents it with a playful sense of humor. Known for its warm, accommodating service, Cielo is a special dining experience with a casual touch.

Located on the 27th floor, Cielo is set aglow with stunning chandeliers that slowly change colors throughout the evening to echo the brilliant oranges, blues, purples and golds of the nightly sunset behind the mountains. Cielo is quite literally a jewel at the top of the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa.

The menu at Cielo boasts both comforting options, simple seafood preparations and juicy steaks, while also offering adventurous, contemporary fare for guests who are seeking to create a truly special culinary memory for themselves and their dining companions. Featuring seafood from the Pacific coasts…. Hawaii, Alaska and the Western Coast of the United States as well as steaks and chops that are grilled at 1200° to create that perfect char-broiled crust while maintaining a juicy center, the menu at Cielo is a celebration of the finest steaks, chops and seafood.

Cielo also boasts a unique wine program that is focused on featuring wines of the globe’s Pacific Coasts. Boutique wineries from the Pacific Coasts of Australia, South America and North America are highlighted.