Sage Spa & Salon Therapies and treatments to restore and revitalize

Body Therapies at Our Luxury Cabazon Spa

Rituals Designed for Detoxification

Sage body therapies are designed with detoxification in mind, with a menu of body scrubs, wraps and more. Guests who book treatments at our Cabazon spa near Palm Springs, CA also enjoy full access to our relaxing Jacuzzi tubs, cold plunge, sauna and steam rooms. 

Please call for more information: 877-SPA-SAGE

Gentle Jojoba Body Polish

This treatment is designed to gently remove accumulation of dull surface cells to improve skin tone and texture, while leaving the skin silky soft and revitalized. A lavish application of creamy scrub, rich in natural beads and extracts of sage and rosemary are massaged into the skin, followed by a luxurious application of a hydrating body cream.
50 Minutes: $140 – Monday-Friday, $170 – Saturday-Sunday

Mineral Aroma Salt Glow

A blend of micronized mineral salts and natural essential oils of lavender and grapefruit are applied to exfoliate, to improve circulation providing a smoother and healthier skin, followed by a relaxing application of a rich hydrating cream.
50 Minutes: $140 – Monday-Friday, $170 – Saturday-Sunday

Healing Mud Ceremony Wrap

An ancient Indian ritual that consists of a generous application of organic black mud which is a natural blend of botanicals, minerals and essential oils soothes tired and aching muscles. Includes exfoliation and neck massage. This treatment is excellent to combat fatigue and jetlag.
50 Minutes: $140 – Monday-Friday, $170 – Saturday-Sunday

Skin Soothing Coffee Wrap

An effective contouring and firming body treatment utilizes natural phyto-extracts from green coffee that aid in reduction of water retention and spongy skin appearance, while visibly revealing a more toned and beautiful skin. Includes exfoliation and neck massage.
50 Minutes: $140 – Monday-Friday, $170 – Saturday-Sunday

Algae Oasis Detox Wrap

Luxuriate and detoxify in this neck to toe body wrap, while your skin absorbs and benefits from the rich erray of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and essential oils abundant in this imported seaweed. Results are spectacular and the skin is left toned, hydrated and silky smooth.
50 Minutes: $140 – Monday-Friday, $170 – Saturday-Sunday

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