The Drum Room at Morongo

Enchanting elegance meets iconic style at this breathtaking lounge near Palm Springs

The Drum Room is the most breathtaking bar and lounge near Palm Springs with rich, dark woods and soft-colored leathers set against stunning, 26th Floor mountain views. Designed by the renowned Kenneth Ussenko, whose vision has guided the ambiance of 14 restaurants in the U.S. and Qatar, The Drum Room melds interior design, custom furniture and lighting to celebrate the fabled spirit of drums and the elegance of this ancient tribal commodity. From the moment the doors open, you’re surrounded by enchanting, iconic style.

Meet our Room Hosts; they want to get to know you and what you like. The Room selection is the best in the world, and they’re going to help you navigate it. You start with your old favorite, but the creative new concoction our bartender just poured you has you changing your mind…and so does the looker at the end of the bar who happens to have the same glass…

Located on the 26th Floor beneath Cielo, The Drum Room is Southern California's best place to learn about the trendy new craft, taste a classic the way it’s supposed to be made, or just see and be seen in a room that’s cool like only Morongo can do.

Signature Cocktails