Sage Spa & Salon Massages to help you relax, revive, and rejuvinate

Unwind at Our Spa Near Palm Desert

Sage Massage Treatments

Indulge in one of our Sage massage treatments at our spa near Palms Desert, offering relaxing Swedish, vital force Shiatsu and even hot stone therapy. Guests who book our massage treatments also enjoy full access to our relaxing Jacuzzi tubs, cold plunge, sauna and steam rooms. Experience any one of our massages together, side by side in our romantic couples therapy room. Just add an additional $30 to any of our spa menu prices.

Please call 1-877-SPA-SAGE for spa reservations.

Sage Swedish Massage

This full body massage will include light pressure long relaxing stroked that increase circulation and lowers blood pressure. Let us transport you into a realm of tranquility.
25 minutes: $75 – Monday-Sunday
50 minutes: $125 – Monday-Sunday
80 minutes: $175 – Monday-Sunday

Stimulating Deep-Tissue Massage

Anyone experiencing muscular aches and soreness will enjoy this therapeutic massage. To penetrate muscle tissue, your therapist will incorporate special techniques to alleviate muscle tension.
50 minutes: $135 – Monday-Sunday
80 minutes: $185 – Monday-Sunday

Morongo Custom Massage

Share with your massage therapist areas of stress and tension. Your therapist will utilize multiple massage modalities to create a massage uniquely designed to your specifications.
50 minutes: $135 – Monday-Sunday
80 minutes: $185 – Monday-Sunday

Back-to-Basics Massage

Enjoy a restful, stress-releasing neck, shoulder and back massage that will bring you back to form and ready to enjoy the rest of your stay.
25 minutes: $75 – Monday-Sunday
50 minutes: $125 – Monday-Sunday

Tukwet Golf Massage

This unique massage uses special maneuvers that act in synergy to relax and warm the muscles, treating individual sections or areas and improving flexibility. This massage is performed with a golf ball cradled in a form fitting “kaddy” that becomes an extension of the therapist’s hands to deeply reach the muscles and hard to reach areas. It’s TEE time at Sage Spa.
50 minutes: $135 – Monday-Sunday
80 minutes: $185 – Monday-Sunday

Sacred Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using heated stones strategically placed on the body so the warmth can penetrate deep into the muscle fibers. Smooth gentle strokes with warm stones complete this indulgent experience.
80 minutes: $205 – Monday-Sunday

Prenatal Massage

A special massage created to focus on the needs that arise during pregnancy. After the first trimester, this massage will reduce discomfort and alleviate sore muscles and tensions. Service cannot be offered during first trimester or extended beyond 50 min.
50 minutes: $135 – Monday-Sunday


This ancient science uses pressure points as a pathway to stimulate the flow of energy through the entire body. Promotes stress relief by focusing ‘solely’ on the feet.
25 minutes: $75 – Monday-Sunday

Couples Massage

Experience any one of our Sage massages together, side-by-side, in our romantic couples therapy room. Just add an additional $30 for the use of the couples room in addition to the regular treatment pricing.

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