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A Team of Friendly Professionals

Meet Morongo Casino Hosts, some of the friendliest professionals in the gaming business. You'll quickly learn why they help make Morongo the top choice among casinos near Palm Desert. 

Walter Luke
High Limit Room Manager

Walter’s 16-year gaming career has taken him many places – throughout Southern California, Oklahoma, and even the Caribbean!  Though the setting may change, one thing has always stayed the same: Walter’s commitment to creating wonderful experiences for his guests.

Fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, you can often find Walter enjoying Cielo’s 27th floor view while treating his guests to an unforgettable dinner. 

Ying Tang
Asian Player Development Executive

Ying has been a member of the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa family since coming to Los Angeles from the east coast in 2002. She prides herself on making guest visits as enjoyable as possible, going above and beyond to provide unsurpassed levels of service.

Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Taishanese & Vietnamese, Ying enjoys meeting new people from around the world and, in her job as Asian Player Development Executive, showing them the Good Times that Morongo is all about!   

Booi Ooi
Executive Host

Over 25 years into her career in casino gaming, Booi is one of Morongo’s most experienced hosts, having helped provide countless guests across the country with unsurpassed experiences. Even after all of that time, she still enjoys the thrill of meeting new people and making them happy.

Speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese, you’ll see Booi hosting her happy guests throughout Morongo, including her favorite spots – Sage Spa & Salon, Cielo, and Natural 9 Noodle Company. 

Nghia Nguyen
Asian Executive Host

After spending time at two of the Midwest’s largest casinos, Nghia brought his passion for service to the Morongo Casino Host team. Having honed his considerable guest service skills in other operational areas, Nghia values the level of personal interaction he has with each and every one of his guests, both in English and Vietnamese.

When Nghia is not exceeding expectations on the casino floor, you can find him treating his players to poolside retreats and private cabanas at Oasis Pool.

Maximiliano (Max) Gillette
Executive Host

Max has been in Player Development for over six years after having previously worked in Marketing and Sales. He enjoys having a good time and takes pride in providing his guests with one, too.

Max is familiar with everything he needs to deliver those good times, too, as you can see him on his downtime hitting the links at Tukwet Canyon Golf Club or even indulging in a nice steak in Cielo. Having lived in Montevideo, Uruguay and Palma de Mallorca, Spain for 13 years, Max speaks Castellano, Spanish. He wishes everyone visiting Morongo Buena Suerte!

Kenneth True
Casino Host

Ken has been a valued team member at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa for 11 years, and in that time has become an expert on everything we have to offer. He cites our great restaurants, beautiful pool, awesome hotel views and – of course – our guests as those things which truly set Morongo apart.

Say hello to Ken and you’ll soon understand why he’s one of the best in the business at enhancing each and every guest’s Good Time at Morongo!

Tina Paaverud
Casino Host

Tina loves nothing more than seeing smiles of satisfaction on the faces of her guests. And with a decade of gaming experience, including time with two of the largest casino operations in the country, she knows exactly what it takes to ensure their happiness!

Tina cites friendliness as her favorite thing about Morongo, and we all know that her infectiously pleasant personality has a lot to do with it.  She’s perfectly suited to deliver guest experiences that are second-to-none in her role as a Casino Host. 

Ves Nhep
Casino Host

Dedicated to delivering only the highest levels of personalized service, Ves prides himself on working closely with his guest, discovering and delivering on each of their unique gaming needs.

In his constant pursuit of guest satisfaction, which has spanned over 10 years in the gaming industry, Ves is proud to showcase all of the amenities Morongo has to offer.  Fluent in Cambodian, he ably handles any preferred arrangements for his players, committed always to exceeding their utmost expectations.

Ruth Vinson
Casino Host

Morongo welcomed Ruth and her decade of Gaming experience to the Casino Host team in 2016, and guests quickly learned that her dedication to providing memorable experiences at Morongo was unparalleled. More than anything, Ruth enjoys meeting Morongo’s diverse guests and prides herself in seeing them return time and time again to enjoy our Four Diamond amenities, and makes sure that she provides nothing less than an exceptional level of service to ensure that.

Having most recently spent time at a neighboring hotel and convention center, Ruth can be found hosting her guests in both Tagalog and Bisaya, treating them to a signature Morongo event or poolside getaway!

Steve Philpott
Casino Host

Steve brings over 30 years of service industry acumen to the Morongo Host team, the majority of which comes from extensive time spent in the restaurant industry. Through his unique experience as an owner and operator, he has come to understand the incredible importance of taking care of guests at the absolute highest level. 

Steve's been a team member in several areas of Morongo - from Tukwet Canyon Golf (where he developed their dining) to Café Serrano (where he's been a supervisor), so watch for him when you want the inside scoop on the best the Casino has to offer.

Ashley Kim
Casino Host

With professional hospitality experience in the restaurant industry, Ashley has made a career of personal service in high energy environments. As a natural addition to Morongo’s Casino Host team, she prides herself on the wonderful relationships she’s forged with her guests.

A fluent speaker of Korean, Ashley is familiar with everything she needs to deliver Good Times to her guests, whether she’s recommending the delectable dining in one of Morongo’s many restaurants or showing them how to drive away a winner in one of our weekly luxury car giveaways.

Shauna Hilton
Casino Host

Shauna has been working to create unsurpassed experiences as part of the Morongo team since she was only 19 years old!  In that time, many a guest’s stay has been made more memorable through Shauna’s dedication to delivering only the highest levels of personal service.

You can often find Shauna hosting her players at one of our many VIP concerts and events or treating them at Sage Spa & Salon, continuously working to build relationships and making sure they’re happy throughout their stays. 

Denise Newman
Casino Host

Denise brings over 14 years of gaming experience to the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa Host team and is committed to delivering an unsurpassed level of personal service to each and every one of her guests, making each feel at home. 

Make sure you say hi to Denise next time you see her treating guests to a Four Diamond meal in Cielo or hosting them at one of Morongo’s popular poolside summer concerts – her favorite!

Kuang (Betty) Feng
Casino Host

Joining the Morongo team in 2015, Betty is a UCLA graduate with extensive hospitality experience. Having worked for a tour company, in hotel operations, and in sales, she understands the true value of exemplary guest service and is ready to deliver unsurpassed experiences to each and every one of her guests.

Hosting guests in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean, Betty knows that a smile is the same in all languages. When you see her guests smiling, then you know she's creating unforgettable memories for them at Morongo!

Anna Qin
Casino Host

After building her career in the Hotel industry, Anna joined the Morongo team in 2016, unable to pass up the opportunity to meet Morongo’s amazing guests and help them have the great times they deserve with us. We at Morongo, not to mention our guests, couldn’t be happier!

In delivering her guests the best possible experience – in both English and Chinese –Anna excels at developing friendships with them, personalizing their trips and matching their needs and wants to Morongo’s incredible amenities - including her personal favorite, Oasis Pool!