Work Life Balance

At Morongo, we know how important maintaining a healthy work/life balance is. We know that time with your family, pursuing hobbies, and simply relaxing are important to your overall happiness. With this in mind, we have time off options that include both Vacation accruals and Personal Time Off (PTO) accruals, and we pay for lunch breaks!

Paid Lunch Breaks

Morongo pays for lunch breaks, meaning team members do not clock out for lunch. This means that an 8-hour shift is just that – an 8-hour shift. For example, if you are scheduled from 9AM-5PM, you are here for 8 hours and paid for 8 hours. We won't schedule you from 9AM-6PM and have you work for 8 hours and clock out for an hour for lunch. That’s 5 hours a week you get back! This means more time at home for family, friends and hobbies.


Part-time and full-time team members accrue 10 days (or 2 weeks) of vacation each year during their first few years of employment. The longer you are employed the more vacation time you will accrue!

Personal Time Off

PTO is accrued based on your position type. Full-time team members accrue 13 days of PTO (or 2 and a half weeks), and part-time team members accrue 6 days, or just over 1 week of PTO, each year – this is in addition to the 2 weeks of vacation you get as a new part-time or full-time team member.

Additional Time Off

In addition, we understand that life happens – we are all human. It is in this spirit that Morongo has two programs that allow for extended periods of time off – Morongo Medical Leave and Morongo Personal Leave.

Each program is different, but they accomplish the same goal – providing a means to take time off when you need it most. Lastly, we also provide time off for bereavement, jury duty, and active military leave.



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